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DPAToolkit is a tool to help in software development via design patterns. The design can be visualized via class diagrams and design patterns can be incorporated into the design easily.

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Stable Release : 0.36 Beta

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Allow easy addition of new design patterns

Dpatoolkit comes with all the 23 Gang of Four design patterns which can be easily added in the design. Apart from these users can develop their own design pattern plugins and add them in their designs or share with others. The design patterns are saved in XML format.

Code Generation

Dpatoolkit comes with the following code generators : C# , C++ , Java , VB.NET. New code generators can be easily plugged into the application.

Reverse Engineering

Get the class diagram from the code. Currently the support for this is not complete. However, dpatoolkit comes with a demo reverse engineering plugin which can generate a class diagram from .NET assembly using reflection. Even reverse engineers can be plugged into the application.

Reverse Engineering

The class diagrams/projects are saved in XML format


The developers can customize the code generation (for ex: final in Java, sealed in C# etc.) by adding the metainfo for classes, methods, fields and parameters. This feature helps to overcome the language-neutral limitation of the class diagram. The code generation routines can query this information and incorporate the suitable keywords in the generated code. This is still in experimental stages

Hover Sense

Provides dynamic help to the user. The user can get the details (such as summary and metainfo) associated with a class/methods/fields by hovering the mouse on the respective visual element. The metainfo, which is not depicted in the class diagram, is presented to the user in this form.

Image generation

Dpatoolkit supports image generation in several popular format, class diagrams can be directly copied to clipboard.


Dpatoolkit is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

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